TikTok Trends to Guide You in 2023

As of late, TikTok has become the most popular and hipster of all the social media platforms out there.

Its edgy atmosphere has quickly won over the hearts of today’s digital natives, including members of Generation Z and Millennials.

TikTok may have seemed like a fad when it first came out, but it’s now abundantly clear that it will be around for the foreseeable future.

Given its rising profile, more and more companies appear ready to compete in this space. They’re taking baby steps towards becoming a force on the platform and learning the ropes of what makes a video popular on TikTok.

Popularity of Stitch and Duets continues to grow

If you haven’t had the opportunity to explore TikTok yet, you’re missing out on a world of creative expression.

It’s possible to use the platform’s library of preexisting content as a jumping off point for creating something entirely new.

Given the platform’s array of entertaining and cutting-edge tools, the possibilities for originality are boundless.

If you look around your TikTok feed long enough, you’ll see that Stitch and TikTok Duets are currently among the most popular types of videos to share.

If you open TikTok again, you can expect to see at least a couple of them in your feed.
This trend towards live sessions is growing in popularity.

The future of social media advertising is in video content. There is no room for doubt.

Regular videos are hugely popular, but live videos are even more so now.

Our research into Facebook videos shows that in the past year, live video content consumption has increased by a factor of two. This trend is likely reflective of all social media platforms that make it easy to share videos.

TikTok ads

Just the fact that in 2021, the Cloudflare team found that TikTok had more unique visitors than Google and Facebook is indicative of how massive the platform has become in recent years.

Furthermore, Insider Intelligence predicts that by the end of 2018, TikTok will be the third largest social network in the world.

Simply put, TikTok has exploded onto the social media scene like a meteor, with advertising potential that is hard to match on any other platform or through any other public relations strategy.

Consider this to grasp the scope of its potential: According to DataReport, 11.8% of the global population aged 18 or older is within reach of TikTok advertisements (that translates to over 945 million people, by the way).

TikTok’s rapidly expanding user base is especially useful for reaching a specific demographic, such as Millennials and Generation Z.

According to our most recent research on holiday advertising campaigns, TikTok is poised to overtake Instagram as the most popular social media platform.

Imagine, then, the impact that TikTok advertisements could have on brand awareness and user interaction.

What’s the point of TikTok commercials?

Promoted videos on TikTok allow you to reach a wider audience.

TikTok ads provide a relatively good opportunity to boost website traffic and lead generation thanks to the platform’s high levels of engagement.

This is so cool, right?

TikTok ads can get socially active brands and impressive growth thanks to the platform’s innovative ad formats and targeting capabilities.


As we’ve established, there are numerous opportunities for modern brands to flourish on TikTok.

However, despite this, a cursory examination of the landscape reveals that, for the time being at least, TikTok continues to be a platform heavily populated by creators.

Additionally, many brands are hesitant to take the leap and launch an active TikTok account.

TikTok places a premium on genuine content

Since its inception, video has been widely recognised as the content format that demands the most veracity from its creators.

So, even if it’s not a particularly well-defined tactic, authenticity is undeniably one of TikTok’s most popular trends.

Exploring the TikTok Trending Topics

When it first launched, TikTok may have seemed like a fad, but it’s now abundantly clear that the app will be around for the foreseeable future.

You can tell that TikTok is a very fluid environment because fashions appear and disappear so frequently. Even though they don’t stick around for long, that doesn’t mean you can’t keep up with them. In fact, there are a number of ways to follow developing TikTok trends, increasing your chances of jumping on the bandwagon before it cools down.

Since “incorporating TikTok trends into marketing demonstrates that a brand understands what resonates with its audience, allowing them to show their human side and interact with the audience on a peer level,” this is significant.

So, let’s check out some simple methods to find the most popular content on TikTok:

Commonly used hashtags

Using trending hashtags on TikTok can be a great way to learn about new trends. You can use them to learn about your environment, spot emerging trends, and capitalise on them to raise your company’s profile.

Sounds that are currently popular
Checking out top-performing TikTok songs is another good strategy for staying abreast of the platform’s most recent developments (which are sometimes connected to a particular challenge). The most popular songs on this app will quickly go viral, giving you a chance to significantly broaden your audience.

Method for Identifying Emerging Trends on TikTok
This feature, available in the TikTok Creative Centre, helps users discover new trends by searching for and browsing hashtags, songs, and creators that are currently popular.

Finally Thoughts

It’s time to put your knowledge of current TikTok trends to use and start making your own videos.

You should start your venture into TikTok by learning as much as possible about the platform and testing it out.