How to Stitch TikTok Videos [Complete Guide]

TikTok is based on the principle of group work.

There is always some kind of collaboration going on, whether it’s a new take on a popular song or a challenge based on the work of another artist. TikTok Stitch is redefining collaboration by simplifying the process for creators to work together.

After hearing so much about TikTok Stitch, I was wondering how exactly one goes about stitching together a video using the platform.


  • TikTok Stitch Definition:
  • TikTok: How to Edit Together Clips
  • To Activate or Disable TikTok Stitch?
  • TikTok stitch video FAQs answered

TikTok Stitch Definition:

With TikTok’s cool new Stitch feature, you can stitch together your own video with another user’s already posted video.

This is a great option for creator posts or reaction channels that pose a question to their audience.

Stitch videos that go viral on TikTok are usually clever responses to other videos. Please don’t confuse Stitch with Duets, which features a dual-creator screen.

Instead, a different creator will usually start the video on Stitch, and you’ll have the rest of the video to respond to their work. Additionally, you can cut out the unwanted segments from the video before sewing.

However, note that prerecorded videos can’t be used on Stitch.

To complete the Stitch, you’ll need to use the TikTok camera.

TikTok: How to Edit Together Clips

TikTok makes it simple to edit together multiple clips into one cohesive whole.

Finding a video that can be stitched together is the only time investment required. You should think about making a stitch if a particular video from a creator you follow piques your interest enough for you to respond.

Follow these two steps once you’ve found a video you want to Stitch and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a TikTok video stitching pro:

  • Get TikTok going on your mobile device and sign in.
  • Please visit the profile of the user who uploaded the video you wish to Stitch.
  • Now, locate the rightmost curved arrow.
  • Choose “Stitch” from the menu that appears after you tap the arrow.
  • If a “stick” button appears, use it to make a stitch.
  • If the ability to add stitches is disabled, perhaps the creator has disabled it.
  • You have reached the editor window.
  • If you want to cut to another scene in the video, you can use up to five seconds.
  • Choose any five seconds from the video by scrolling through it.
  • To move forward to the recording phase, select the “Next” button.
  • Press and hold the red record button to capture your video contribution.
  • Watch the finished product and modify it as desired by adding titles, credits, and other text overlays.
  • You can verify your satisfaction with the overall presentation by selecting the checkbox.
  • Now you’ll be taken to the publishing screen.
  • In the caption, the original artist will be credited automatically.
  • Turn privacy ‘on’ or ‘of,’ and add pertinent hashtags.
  • When you’re happy with the resulting ‘Stitch’ video, click the ‘Share’ button to send it out into the world.

To Activate or Disable TikTok Stitch?

You may have noticed that the stitching option is unavailable or greyed out for some videos when you try to do so.

That begs the question: why does that occur?

This occurs when the video’s original maker expresses disapproval of the stitching process. Like how Instagram comments can be moderated, this works in much the same way.

Activating or disabling the stitch option entails:

  • The video must be one that can be edited together.
  • Stop recording until you have the segment you want trimmed.
  • Add a title and some hashtags to your video.
  • Find the option labelled “Allow Stitch” and click it.
  • As it stands, the slider is disabled.
  • Move the slider to the on position to activate Stitch, or to the off position to turn it off.
  • Once you’ve made your choice, release the video.

TikTok stitch video FAQs answered

A pre-recorded video can be added to TikTok Stitch.
Absolutely not. Regrettably, a creator can only record a video using the TikTok stitch. Stitch videos lack the advanced editing tools of TikTok, but you can still use the app’s staples like text, filters, and voiceover.

TikTok Stitch permits the use of audio

Unfortunately, the TikTok audio library is not compatible with the TikTok Stitch app. Your TikTok Stitch can still be personalised with a voiceover, text, stickers, filters, and effects. In most cases, the modifications made to a TikTok video will be replicated in the corresponding Stitch post.