Everything You Need To Know: Instagram Posting

Do you wish to learn Instagram’s posting procedure? Please use this tutorial to upload your work from any device.

The Instagram Posting Guide

In 2023, you can upload photographs to Instagram from a variety of sources, including the Instagram Web interface, the Instagram apps for Android and iOS, and third-party applications like Metricool.

Which platform you use to upload your content will depend on its nature. If you wish to share a reel on Instagram, for instance, you’ll need the app on your mobile device. Instead, you can use Instagram on the web if you want to upload numerous photographs at once.

Instagram: The Mobile Posting Guide

Instagram was designed from the ground up as a mobile social network, so the best way to take advantage of all the features it offers is through the official app.

Images, movies, documentaries, newscasts, live shows… anything unless you have the lighter Instagram app (Instagram Lite) installed.

Here’s how to upload a photo or video to Instagram from your phone:

  • Launch Instagram and tap the plus sign in the upper right corner to add content.
  • Make a decision on the type of publication you’d like to make: post, story, or reel. If you want to share something specific, Instagram will direct you to a specific screen.
  • You may quickly share media by either selecting it from your phone’s gallery or taking a new picture or video.
  • Copy the post, scenes from the reel, and trending sound or stickers in your story, and then follow Instagram’s procedures to share the material.

Share your work

You may post whatever you want right now from the Instagram app on your mobile device.

Tips for simultaneous Instagram and Facebook updates
You’ll need to link your Facebook page and Instagram account in order to post updates to both at the same time. We’ll show you how to connect your Instagram and Facebook accounts here.

Simply enable the Facebook tab in the final step before publishing to share the same content on both networks. In the event that your accounts are not linked, Instagram will prompt you to do so.

Instagram: The Computer-Based Posting Guide

Do you use the Instagram online app to manage your profile and publish photos?

Please note that you can only share media in the form of photos, carousels, or videos. Mobile editing is required for every kind of story or reel.

Of course, you can still talk about your adventures if you use extensions outside of Facebook. This is the procedure for transferring Instagram stories to a PC.

Publish to Instagram Web by following these steps:

  • Open Instagram in your internet browser.
  • Select the ‘+’ button, then tap Create on the left.
  • Instead of recording material on the go like you can with a mobile device, you’ll need to upload it from a computer.
  • To finish, just hit the “Share” button.

The Instagram desktop app allows you to add photos and videos taken with your computer to your account. This tool can be helpful if the required information is already stored on your computer. However, there may be fewer chances with this choice than with the mobile app.

Step-by-Step Instagram Posting Guide

You may use your Metricool Swiss army knife to plan content for both immediate and future Instagram posts.

That way, you may keep working while the tool publishes on your behalf, saving both time and effort.

Metricool allows you to schedule the automatic publication of anything to Instagram, such as single-image posts, carousels with up to 10 photographs, reels, and long films.

Scheduling and publishing a piece requires some degree of automation. Metricool will send you a notification when it’s time to publish the content you’ve scheduled. Putting up your message is as simple as finishing the remaining prompts.

How do I share data from Metricool on Instagram?

Metricool, step in. In order to use this tool, you must first create an account, which you can do for free by clicking here.
To make a new post, select “Planning” from the main menu.
Mark the Instagram box and select Post, Reel, or Story as the content type.
Once you’ve added a caption, hashtags, tags, and any other relevant information to your post, click the “Publish Now” button.
It’s over! Your work is now live online.
Metricool consolidates all of the features necessary for Instagram publishing into a single, easy-to-use platform. Scheduling posts in advance, conducting account analysis, and determining the optimal posting time are all features available in Instagram. Read their private messages and comments and use this information to your advantage.