Get to Know Combin: A Powerful Instagram Marketing App

Instagram is one of the top social media platforms for digital marketing, and there appears to be a limitless amount of strategies for promoting a company through the network. Since the days of “follow for follow” audience expansion, marketers have advanced to the use of influencers and specialised tools for tracking data, targeting, and automated, speedy engagement.

There are drawbacks to any approach, but the biggest problem with Instagram brand marketing tools is the focus on quantity rather than quality. There is a plethora of desktop and mobile audience expansion tools that are mostly unused. Most Instagram solutions give off a shady vibe from the get-go, they lock away all the good stuff behind a paywall, and most crucially, the whole audience development lead-up isn’t tailored to the demands of marketers.

The concept of exchanging money or effort for a small number of inauthentic “likes” or “followers” is useless for anything other than raising one’s pride. If you’re a savvy marketer, you know that using bot tools can ruin your engagement metrics and increase the likelihood of your Instagram account being banned. Furthermore, marketers gain nothing from artificially inflated numbers of likes and follows because these accounts have zero interest in the business and will never make a purchase.

Marketers should strive to pique consumers’ actual, heartfelt interest. Sincere curiosity not only leads to sales, but also fosters brand loyalty and engagement. There is a lack of useful and well-made software for organically expanding Instagram companies due to the widespread belief that a higher number of followers equals greater brand success.

Combin is one of the few reliable apps that deserves to be mentioned. Despite its youth, it has already established itself as a reliable and effective Instagram expansion tool. In accordance with Instagram’s action caps, Combin aids in finding and interacting with target audiences, grabbing their attention and adding them as followers.

1. Look through their social media postings and profiles

Find trending brand-related hashtags, consider places near your business or workplace, and peruse the Instagram profiles of your rivals. Put this data to use in your search for relevant Instagram content and accounts.

2. Give the discovered accounts and posts top priority.

You may prioritise engaging with the most intriguing material and individuals by sorting and filtering the results you receive.

In both your personal and public accounts, you can use Combin to rank individuals based on their number of followers and hide them from view. To use a filter, just click on the icon and select the relevant option. Posts may be filtered using the app based on their creation date, popularity, and interaction count.

It may also hide your own comments and likes, as well as those of people you’re following and people they’re following you.

3. Communicate with prospective clients

If you want people to like your brand on Instagram, you need to like other people’s posts first. With Combin, you have the following options:

Selected items in the search results can be liked, followed, or commented on in bulk or individually by clicking on the corresponding action icon.

Engaging with others increases your followers that like-minded and interested others will interact with your profile. This method yields a modest but persistently expanding audience.

4. Be careful!

The purpose of Combin is to help you expand your Instagram following naturally, without the use of false accounts or any extra work on your part. It enables Instagram’s two-factor authentication rather than storing your password and other sensitive information.

To prevent Instagram suspensions, Combin performs all actionable actions from your IP address and in accordance with Instagram’s action and developer constraints.

After obtaining an access token from Instagram, each action is immediately scheduled in the queue and carried out. After a certain number of actions have been taken in an hour or a day, Instagram will no longer give access, and Combin will place the tasks in a pending state. The task’s current status is always displayed in the window’s footer, under the History tab.

Do not shut off the machine until all work has been completed. You shouldn’t use Combin alongside any other Instagram expansion tools. Instead of commenting on the same topics and accounts over and over, you may save time by using the templates feature to submit comments with different text in bulk.

We’re sure we’re not alone in thinking that Combin is an absolute must-have for every Instagram marketer. The icing on the cake is that Combin offers two premium membership options, each with additional features, in addition to a permanently free edition with full access to all features. With regular upgrades and the addition of new features, this robust software is among the most promising and advanced currently available.

For your digital marketing efforts, you should give Combin a go for at least a month.