Make Use Of PWAs In Your Social Media Advertising Strategy.

The use of progressive web applications in SMM can help you better leverage your brand and reach a wider audience.

Everyone’s attention these days seems to be focused on social media. You know Facebook is a waste of time, yet you can’t stop browsing it because of how satisfying it is. Even with all the criticism levelled at social media strategies, major players like Facebook still attract a sizable following. read more

Get to Know Combin: A Powerful Instagram Marketing App

Instagram is one of the top social media platforms for digital marketing, and there appears to be a limitless amount of strategies for promoting a company through the network. Since the days of “follow for follow” audience expansion, marketers have advanced to the use of influencers and specialised tools for tracking data, targeting, and automated, speedy engagement. read more

Social Media Advertising Has Entered A New Era.

As user growth slows and social commerce grows, Marketing Land begins a series on the changing face of paid social marketing.

In his keynote address at this year’s F8 Developers Conference, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg declared, “The future is private.” The guy who made this statement has spent the last 18 months fending off accusations for exploiting customers’ personal information and data. However, the underlying message—that Facebook is shifting its focus to private, messaging networks—highlighted a critical challenge for social media marketers: the social media landscape is changing fast, and marketers must adapt to stay up with growing ad platforms. read more

Here Are Three Instagram Marketing Strategies That Will Help You Succeed

Instagram, which has 1 billion monthly users and 25 million corporate profiles, is where advertisers are putting their toes in the water in an effort to achieve and retain momentum with their key audiences. Because of its visual and dynamic nature, the platform is attracting an increasing brand of interest from brands and agencies who are eager to explore its economic potential. read more

The Top 10 Instagram Captioning Tips

What you should know before writing clever captions on Instagram
We humans are story junkies, but we’re even more enamoured with the visual narratives presented by films and photographs.

Users’ attention spans have shrunk in tandem with the rise of all social media platforms, therefore you need to provide them with lots of visually appealing, easily digestible nuggets of information. read more